IT projects and acquisitions procedures for the UW

Last updated: May 5, 2023

Procedures that provide a guide for how to comply with the policy for Information Technology, Telecommunications and Networking Projects and Acquisitions (APS 2.3) are available now, and will help you identify which projects and acquisitions fall under the requirements.

The policy meets the oversight requirements of Washington state and the UW’s Information Technology governance boards. The state’s requirements affect all state agencies, including the public universities. The policy also highlights the responsibility of UW units to ensure they are being good stewards of information technology resources, including addressing information security, accessibility, duplication of effort, and sustainability.

Who needs to comply

If you are responsible for managing IT projects or acquiring IT equipment, software, services or contracts of any kind—for academic, research or administrative purposes—you may need to comply with the reporting and oversight requirements outlined in the policy, depending on the level of risk, impact to the UW, and the system’s  lifecycle costs.

The APS 2.3 outlines reporting and oversight requirements for all information technology (IT), networking and telecommunications projects and acquisitions.

Small purchase exemptions

If your purchase is less than $50,000, you do not need to use the tool on the investment procedure website. However, your purchase should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Follow all standard procurement requirements
  • Maintain records and documentation
  • Ensure that the stewardship guidelines of APS 2.3 are followed
More Information, outreach efforts

Please refer to the policy or send your questions to Kerry Kahl, UW-IT Compliance Assurance and Major Procurements.

An outreach and education effort is currently underway.