HR & Finance Applications Board 

Last updated: July 22, 2024
Audience: All UW

Purpose & Responsibilities

The HR & Finance Applications Board provides business leadership, prioritization, alignment and standards for changes to applications in the domain.

Participants in this level of governance are responsible for:

  • Planning
    • Review and modify plans through the Quarterly Planning process.
    • Ensure that plans drive to the strategic directions set by the Executive Sponsor Group.
    • Ensure that central business units in the domain reach alignment on an agreed-upon plan for each quarter for known projected work and resources.
    • Form sub-groups as needed to work in more detail on specific issues.
    • Discuss and resolve cross-functional impacts.
    • Ensure that input from units across the UW is incorporated in prioritization of changes.
    • Review and modify or approve proposed projects through the Project Planning and Review process.
  • Direction
    • Set priorities for allocation of resources to ongoing Operations & Maintenance and Change Requests, in alignment with the high-level direction set by the Executive Sponsor Group.
    • Ensure that priorities are appropriately balanced between key drivers including required compliance, functional improvements, technical sustainability, and risk mitigation.
    • Ensure that issues escalated from the HR & Finance Applications Change Control governance are resolved or, as needed, escalated to the Executive Sponsor Group.
    • Provide direction to prevent, where appropriate, unnecessary redundancy or non-sustainable implementations and resulting inefficiencies and risks.
  • Coordination
    • Consider and discuss the impact of administrative system changes on people, process, technology, standards and policies.
    • In collaboration with UW Data Governance, ensure that applications in the domain respond to institutional needs for defining, managing and reporting on data across functional boundaries
    • In collaboration with the Chief Information Security Officer, champion IT security measures, policies and practices to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of IT resources.
    • Ensure that the broader campus community is informed of major planned changes in applications and related business processes, policies, or standards.
  • Reference Architecture & Standards
    • Provide ongoing sponsorship for reference architectures in the HR & Finance domain, known as Workday Guardrails, and champion their use in changes in the domain.
    • Identify needs for new or updated reference architectures and charge groups as needed to draft them on behalf of the Board.
  • Value Delivery
    • Identify key service metrics for applications in the domain and charge application teams with collecting information.
    • Periodically review service metrics and make changes in response.


  • Co-Chair: Anja Canfield-Budde, Associate Vice President, Data & Applications, UW-IT
  • Co-Chair: Jessica Bertram, Vice President, University Business Services, Finance, Planning & Budgeting (FPB)


  • Associate Vice President, Strategy & Business Operations (SBO), UW-IT
  • Erick Winger, Controller’s Office, Finance and Budget Strategy, FPB
  • Erik Walerius, Chief Supply Chain Officer, UW Medicine
  • Jason Campbell, Vice President & Deputy CFO, Finance and Budget Strategy, FPB
  • Jim Kresl, Assistant Vice Provost and Director of ORIS, Office of Research
  • Kristal Mauritz-Miller, Chief Administrative Officer, IT Services, UW Medicine
  • Margaret “Peg” Stuart, Assistant Vice Provost for Academic Personnel, Office of Academic Personnel
  • Lisa Pascuzzi (interim), UW Medicine Controller, UW Medicine
  • Rachel Gatlin, Assistant Vice President, UW Human Resources
  • Ryan Markowski, Senior Director of Finance Strategic Projects for UW Medicine
  • Kim Dinh, Sr. Director for Finance, HR & Administration, Office of President & Provost
  • Sarah Tallon, Enterprise Finance Officer and Associate Vice President Finance and Accounting, UW Medicine
  • Mandy Morneault, Chief Administrative Officer, Office of Research Central

With participation from Strategic Alignment support team, guests and presenters as invited.


The HR & Finance Applications Board meets monthly, with more frequent meetings as needed during periods of high activity.



For questions or to propose an Information and Technology Governance issue for consideration, please use the Information and Technology Governance Request form (login required).