Stewardship guidelines

Last updated: December 21, 2023

All IT projects and acquisitions must address the following stewardship guidelines, in addition to the specific requirements for different types of technology investments:

  • Value: Ensuring that the investment brings good “business value” to the University and supports its mission and strategic goals, whether directly or through an enabling support function. Read about UW-IT’s strategic goals.
  • Use of institutional resources: Avoiding duplication, making efficient and effective use of technology investments.
  • Compatibility: Ensuring system and data integrity and the ability to interface and integrate with other IT systems when needed.
  • Accessibility: Helping ensure that technology-based tools and content are accessible to and usable by all students, staff, faculty members and visitors eligible to use them, including individuals with disabilities, as outlined in UW’s IT Accessibility Guidelines and Accessibility Policy.
  • Sustainability: Contributing toward the energy conservation and efficiency goals of the University. More information about sustainability is available from UW Sustainability.
  • Data security: Promoting a culture and practice of information security. For information about data security, visit the website for the Office of the Chief Information Security Officer.
  • Data Privacy: Providing transparency or seeking consent prior to data collection, using data only for original purpose, deleting data when no longer needed, and protecting data from misuse and/or compromise. For more information about data privacy at UW can be found at the website for the UW Privacy Office.
  • Compliance: Ensuring compliance with applicable procurement rules and regulations, as well as applicable institutional, state and federal regulations and practices. For more information, visit IT Sourcing.