HR & Finance Business Owners

Last updated: January 31, 2024

Purpose & Responsibilities

Business Owners are charged by the HR & Finance Applications Board with day-to-day business prioritization in a process area. Responsibilities include:

  • Respond to strategic direction set by executive sponsors in the Executive Sponsor Group.
  • Report to a member of the HR & Finance Applications Board (if not a member) who can represent the process area in HRFAB meetings.
  • Provide business prioritization in a process area for functional and application teams.
  • Escalate issues to HRFAB as needed.
  • Coordinate with other Business Owners on the priority of non-functional or cross-platform resources relied on by multiple process areas.
  • Participate in quarterly planning by HRFAB.
  • Convene other business stakeholders as needed to define and drive changes.

Business Owners

Process Area UW Academy Business Owners UW Medicine Business Owners
Grant Award to Close Kirsten DeFries (UW Finance)
Carol Rhodes (OR)
Lillen Namba
Procurement Ray Hsu
Kathy Katterhagen (Tax Office)
Dan Salmonsen (Purchase)
Jarod Otto (Technical)
Lynn Barnhart (A/P)
Supply Chain Ray Hsu
Kathy Katterhagen (Tax Office)
Katie Friday (Logistics)
Jarod Otto (Technical)
Manage Cash & Financial Assets Annette R. Sommer *
Julie Brown
Julie Fricks
Lisa Pascuzzi *
Plan & Manage the Business Jason Campbell * Teri Osborne
Asset Acquire to Retire Erik Benningson Lynn Barnhart (Capital Accounting)
Project Inception to Close Jean Hushebeck (Capital Projects) Fabrication: Vincent Gonzalaz (GCA) and Mark Perez (APL) Lynn Barnhart (Capital Projects)
Kristal Mauritz-Miller (IT Projects) *
Record to Report Susan Stolle Lisa Pascuzzi *
Customer Requisition to Payment Julie Fricks (Cash App/AR)
Colleen Bettis
Mark Perez
Kathy Ketterhagen (Customer Maintenance)
Lynn Barnhart
Hire to Retire Rachel Gatlin (UWHR) *
Peg Stuart (Academic Personnel) *
Rachel Gatlin (UWHR) *
Payroll / Costing Allocation Impacts Ginny Montgomery Ginny Montgomery
Stephanie Howe

* Also a member of the HR & Finance Applications Board.