HR & Finance Applications Change Control

Last updated: May 7, 2024
Audience: All UW

NOTE: This page is under review and updates to remove ISC and UWFT references are to be expected.

Purpose & Responsibilities

The HR & Finance Applications Change Control provides ongoing coordination and review of changes to applications as needed to ensure that Workday and closely integrated applications remain stable and well designed.

Participants in this level of governance are responsible for:

  • Ensure the stability and integrity of the Workday production environment.
  • Ensure that changes in all Workday environments, as well as upstream systems that impact Workday, are tracked, reviewed, and tested as needed.
  • Ensure the successful operation of an ongoing release management process for Workday, including:
    • Ensure planning of releases and oversee the release management cycle.
    • Ensure change control for production and non-production environments.
  • Ensure that changes with impacts in any systems zone are communicated to stakeholders in that zone.


  • HR/Payroll – Coordinated by Greg Koester, Director, Program Operations, ISC, UW-IT
  • Finance – Coordinated by Jeannette Lasseter, Technology Project Manager, UW Finance Transformation
  • Participants from central business units and IT partners

Rather than a single governance committee, this level of governance includes roles that may participate in multiple kinds of meetings as needed. The IT and business units represented in this governance model are expected to work together to define the roles and responsibilities needed to:

  • Propose, assess, and define requirements for changes
  • Approve work in pre-production environments
  • Prototype and test changes in pre-production environments
  • Approve changes to production environments
  • Make predefined changes independently without prior approval


The HR & Finance Applications Change Control is expected to include at least a change control group that meets weekly, with more frequent meetings as needed. During periods of high activity, multiple forums for change control may be needed for different functional areas.


Meeting information will be posted when available.