About Information & Technology Governance

Last updated: April 23, 2024


The purpose of Information & Technology Governance (“I&T Governance”) is to enable transformation and innovation at the UW through strategic investment in information and technology. Effective governance will grow value from information and technology, manage risk in uses of information and technology, and make shared decisions efficiently and fairly. The University will obtain benefits from shared direction and standardization and balance near- and long-term costs, benefits and risks. Participants in governance will be responsible to each other and to the whole UW.

For more information please see the Charge to the I&T Executive Committee and the I&T Governance Charter for the Executive Committee.

Information and Technology

In order to better align and govern both data and technology, this structure governs Information and Technology rather than “Information Technology.” Decisions about information (its management, security, and privacy) are often related to decisions about technology services, solutions and standards. I&T Governance will enable the UW to govern both based on shared priorities.


Essential functions of I&T Governance are to:

  • DIRECT enterprise shared strategies, standards, and principles, and funding with broad impact
  • EVALUATE and prioritize or advise on information & technology opportunities, projects, and services to maximize value and reduce risk
  • CONNECT distributed decision-makers to guidance and peer knowledge to influence better decisions across the UW
  • MONITOR outcomes of information & technology to improve services, projects, and decision-making

Directive and Unified

I&T Governance is designed to be more directive and more unified that past governance of IT at the UW.

Directive Unified
  • Decide shared services
  • Prioritize goals, strategies, and funding
  • Prevent undue risk and waste
  • Align central and distributed IT
  • Span information and technology
  • From initial ideas to outcomes


The technology scope of I&T Governance extends broadly to information technology resources, services, and solutions across the UW. In particular, I&T Governance will:

  • Define shared information technology goals, strategies, standards, services, processes, and practices that apply to all UW units on all campuses (with appropriate input and representation).
  • Evaluate and monitor information technology projects originating in any UW unit that meet thresholds defined by I&T Governance (no less than the thresholds that already apply under APS 2.3).
  • Prioritize resourcing and funding of shared IT services, and work with central funders such as the Office of the Provost to prioritize UW unit requests for central funding of information technology.

The information scope of I&T Governance extends broadly to strategic, appropriate, and secure use of information and data across the UW. In particular, I&T Governance will:

  • Define shared goals, strategies, standards, and processes for governing academic, research administration, and business data assets at the UW, excluding patient data (with appropriate input and representation).
  • Protect information privacy by defining strategies, standards, and processes to identify personal information, minimize its collection and use, and ensure accountability for its protection across the UW, based on both legal and ethical considerations.
  • Protect information security by defining strategies, standards, and processes to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information and create necessary controls for processes and technology across the UW.

Critical Success Factors

  • UW CIO commits to empower governance with selected delegated authority (under Executive Order 63 and relevant UW APS).
  • UW-IT commits to be governed by and participate actively in the work and decisions of this governance model.
  • UW executives commit to jointly defining shared goals, strategies, and standards for information & technology, and carrying them out in their organizations.
  • UW units commit to review of proposed information & technology projects that meet defined thresholds for impact and risk.
  • Governance groups commit to work together to carry out defined roles, responsibilities and handoffs.

Governance Enablement

UW-IT is committed to enabling the success of I&T Governance. In UW-IT’s Strategy & Business Operations (SBO) division, the Strategic Alignment unit has primary responsibility for enabling governance, including defining governance structures, supporting chairs and members in the operation of governance groups, processes for intake and tracking of governance issues, and communication about governance. Strategic Alignment works closely with related SBO teams including Service Management, Project Management, Communications & Engagement, and Finance & Business Operations.

Participants in governance enablement include:

  • Rupert Berk
  • Christine Dean
  • Taifa Harris
  • Adriana Matesky
  • Siva Nageshwaren
  • Piet Niederhausen
  • Leetza Pegg
  • Felicia Watson


For questions or to propose an Information and Technology Governance issue for consideration, please use the Information and Technology Governance Request form (login required).