IT Governance Working Group Charter

Last updated: March 1, 2023


Information technology enables the UW mission and accelerates innovation and discovery. The needs of the UW should inform information technology decision-making across the institution and governance should be the primary vehicle for driving this process. Technology itself is not the outcome. The purpose of technology is to support, enable, and advance the mission of the UW.


The purpose of the IT Governance Working Group is to:

  • Assess information and technology governance needs at the UW from a university-wide perspective, consulting with non-IT and IT stakeholders across the institution.
  • Broadly consider challenges and opportunities for IT governance at the UW, based on goals set by the IT Strategy Board.
  • Recommend additional goals that should be considered as part of the scope of future IT governance.
  • Clarify and recommend changes in the scope of IT governance and the rubrics for engaging in IT governance.
  • Enable change in IT governance by defining and prioritizing problem statements and recommending potential solutions for review by the IT Strategy Board.
  • Create straw models for future state governance for stakeholders to respond to.
  • Propose changes in alignment with governance structures and processes being defined in Workday Sustainment.
  • On behalf of the IT Strategy Board, oversee iterative design and execution of changes in IT governance decided by the Board and assess the effectiveness of changes.


For this work, IT governance is considered the broad swath of information and technology solutions and investments at UW. It is not limited to UW-IT’s scope.

The Working Group is asked to take a broad view of existing and potential governance structures and processes related to information technology across the UW, including all IT service providers and all consumers of IT services. Recommendations are expected to focus on the goals stated by the IT Strategy Board, in areas where there is the most benefit and need to make changes.


The Working Group is advisory to the IT Strategy Board within the existing IT Governance structure. The Working Group will enable different levels of participation including:

  • Core: Participants with a strong interest in designing IT governance on behalf of the UW, meeting regularly and contributing directly to Working Group deliverables.
  • Consulted: Participants who represent their organization with knowledge about or needs for IT governance, contributing in interviews or workshops.

The Working Group is also expected to obtain input from existing groups, including but not limited to the IT Strategy Board, IT Service Investment Board, and IT Service Management Board.

For major changes in IT governance, subject to approval by the IT Strategy Board, the Working Group may charge project teams that report out to the Working Group.

The Working Group will be facilitated by the Enterprise Architecture Team in UW-IT.


The Working Group is comprised of UW faculty and administrators who are nominated to take a leading role or contribute significant knowledge to the design of changes in IT governance. Broad representation is helpful but complete representation is not a goal, because decisions on behalf of the UW are held by the broadly representative IT Strategy Board.


The Core participants will meet at least monthly or more frequently as required to complete priorities in 2023. The Consulted participants will be engaged as needed.

Beyond these meetings, the Working Group is expected to engage in one-on-one interviews with UW stakeholders and offer workshops or other activities as needed for community input.