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Last updated: April 9, 2024
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About UW Mailman

UW Mailman is a Web-based email distribution list manager that allows list owners to create and modify email lists for their classes or for discussion among subscribers. No service fee for eligible users.

Settings change

Due to email security requirements announced by Google, Apple, and Yahoo, the Edit from_is_list setting will be set to Munge From for all Mailman lists unless the Wrap message was already selected. List owners cannot change this setting.

Message recipients may see a different format in the From field:

  • Old Mailman list name <> on behalf of Lisa Simpson via listname <>
  • New Mailman <> on behalf of Lisa Simpson via listname <>

Also the list of messages may display the list information as via listname or sender’s name via listname.

If your team routes emails through Mailman to a ticket system, like UW Connect, the “Caller” on the ticket will be replaced with the Mailman list name.

Due to the new requirements, Mailman is not able to stop the receiver from receiving their own posts to the list.

Updated timeline for release of Mailman 3

We are moving to the new version of Mailman during winter, spring, and summer 2024.

We will communicate with Mailman list owners and administrators to let you know when lists have been moved and any action you need to take. Please direct any questions to and include “Mailman 3 release” in the subject line for a quicker response.

UW Mailman helps you to:

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