Last updated: July 28, 2023


Eduroam is a secure, encrypted Wi-Fi network available at the UW, and the preferred Wi-Fi connection method for UW students, faculty and staff.  It is also the only wireless network that supports Wi-Fi 6E(6GHz) which provides faster speeds and more security where available.

Eduroam (‘education roaming’) a global wireless network access service for research and education that allows users from the UW to securely access the Internet from any eduroam-enabled institution throughout the world, including the UW. In addition, eduroam provides visitors from participating institutions access to the UW’s wireless network and the Internet, without needing guest credentials or additional configuration by the user or the UW.

Why use eduroam?

Eduroam is the safest method of connection to the UW’s network on a Wi-Fi enabled device. Eduroam is a secure, encrypted Wi-Fi network, which utilizes 802.1X technology to provide unified access across campus, and provides secure user authentication via X.509 certificates and over-the-air encryption via WPA2/WPA3  Enterprise.  It is also the only network to support Wi-Fi 6e(6GHz) which provides faster rates and more security.

Once configured, eduroam gives seamless connectivity at over 30,000 participating locations around the world.

How to access the eduroam network

If you are current student, faculty or staff at the University of Washington, your UW NetID and password will allow you access to eduroam once your device is configured to access the eduroam network. Configure your device using the SecureW2 JoinNow utility at  

The JoinNow utility supports the most common devices and will help ensure that your device is properly and securely configured. During the onboarding process, your device will be granted a certificate that allows access to eduroam that is valid for 4 years. After the certificate expires you will need to get a new certificate by going through the onboarding process with your device again. The SecureW2 system will email you a reminder to onboard before the certificate expires.

Configure your device to access eduroam

Note: Depending on your device platform and operating system configuration, you may be prompted to accept a security certificate during the eduroam installation process. We recommend checking that the certificates being installed match our list of valid server certificates. Please refer to the Eduroam FAQ for valid server certificate details.

Configuring computers and devices to use eduroam

The eduroam on-boarding is handled by SecureW2, a trusted 3rd party vendor. Their JoinNow onboarding tool has been customized for UW and will configure your device for eduroam access.

The JoinNow on-boarding web interface detects and provides a configuration download file for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Chrome OS, Linux and several other compatible devices. If your device is not correctly detected, click on the “Select your device” box and make the appropriate choice from the list. Advanced users can choose “Unknown” for manual configuration settings.

Clicking on the “JoinNow” button in the middle of the page will start a download of the onboarding agent for your device, after that it’s as easy as following the prompts.

To get online with eduroam, visit the University of Washington on-boarding site powered by SecureW2 at

For step-by-step instructions, please visit our Eduroam Onboarding Guides page.

Find where eduroam is available

Eduroam is available in over 30,000 worldwide locations.

How to connect to eduroam at another institution

If you configured eduroam on your device before leaving the UW, it should automatically connect to eduroam when visiting a participating institution.

If you did not configure your device for eduroam before leaving, please visit

Visitors connecting to eduroam at the UW

If your device was configured before leaving your home institution, it should automatically connect to eduroam with access to the UW network and the internet. If your device was not configured before you left or you have problems connecting to eduroam, please contact your home institution eduroam support staff for assistance. 

Privacy and appropriate use policies

The use of eduroam is governed by:

For visitors to the UW, the Appropriate Use policy of your home institution also applies. Please be aware that eduroam policy requires all users of the service to either be over 18 years of age or have consent from a parent or guardian to use non-filtered Internet access.

Authentication information and traffic is recorded by the UW and your home organization, in the case of network abuse and for statistical purposes.

Getting help with eduroam

UW students, faculty and staff: Please refer to our eduroam FAQ for questions or trouble on-boarding.

Visitors to the UW: Please contact your home institution for help.

If you can’t find the information you are looking for in the eduroam FAQ, please contact UW-IT using the form below.

Get help connecting to Eduroam