Last updated: October 9, 2023

Keynes is an access control system managed by UW-IT that is used to get into many administrative and student database (SDB) applications across the UW.

Systems accessed using Keynes

The following are the most common systems accessed through Keynes. Each system can provide access to multiple applications, tools and information databases.

  • Budget (BGT) — Includes State and Grant budgets.
  • Student system (SDB) — Student/applicant information, including transcripts, registration inquiries, time schedules, and class lists.
  • Financial (FIN) — Access to FIN is now limited and must be specifically requested. Please refer to ASTRA Access Management for more information about MyFD, which is the successor to FIN .
  • Purchasing Systems (PAS) — An online requisition entry and inquiry system, for ordering from vendors off campus, reimbursements, and order/payment inquiries. PAS Entry and Update have transitioned to Ariba. Access to PAS is now limited and must be specifically requested. PAS is inquiry-only and closed for requisitions.

Getting access to Keynes

In order to log into systems using Keynes, a user must have a personal user code for Keynes, and also be granted access to the specific system or application they seek to use.  User codes are for one person only (they cannot be shared or inherited) and users must already have a UW NetID to be granted a Keynes user code.

To get access to applications through Keynes you must fill out a form (through DocuSign) for that application.  Typically, managers or team leaders will request access for a person that needs access to information through a system. They will request both access and level of access to the system, which determines what can be done within the system. Once an access request is processed, a Keynes user code is generated and can be used to access the necessary system through Keynes.

Currently, only digitally signed forms are being accepted to request access.  Please refer below for information on DocuSign submission.

Request access to systems

To access systems using Keynes, you will need to be granted permission to each system. Depending on the systems you need to access, there may be separate approval required for each system.  Access is typically granted based on a person’s role and what information they require, and users are only granted access to certain parts of a system for which they need to do their work.  Access to Keynes systems is tied to the department; if a user changes departments, a new access request will need to be submitted.

To get KEYNES access, please follow steps below (both 1 & 2 are required):

1. Submit Request to UW-IT:

Submit request for SDB/AA access here


2.  Start DocuSign for approval of access: 

2a) Request access to SDB

⇒  Faculty and Staff may click on one of the below-listed UW campuses to start DocuSign for SDB access:

2b) Request access to Administrative Systems (FIN and/or BGT)

⇒  Fill out the Administrative Systems Access DocuSign Form for access to FIN or BGT.


Once you submit DocuSign, please wait and we will process your request as soon as all required signatures are in place.  If you are unable to fill out DocuSign, please call 206.221.5000 or send email to and we can help initiate DocuSign.

Information we will need from you to start DocuSign:

  • Requesting User (Name, phone number, UW NetID, EID and Department),
  • Supervisor (Name, phone number, UW NetID, EID and Department),
  • Is this access request for a new employee replacing former employee and requesting duplicate SDB access?
    (please provide name and UWNetid)
  • Is this an employee needing duplicate Student Database (SDB) access as current departmental employee
    (please provide name and UWNetid).
  • SDB access needs – any additional information you like to provide regarding your SDB access request.

If you have any questions, weekly Zoom drop in hours  is held on Wednesdays, from 10 AM to 4 PM.

How to Sign into Keynes

You will need SecureCRT on your computer to get logged into Keynes.  If you are off campus, VPN is required to be able to access the system(s).  Please contact your local IT support for assistance with setting up and configure the application on your computer.

Here is the URL to download SecureCRT on to your computer:

Removing access

To remove access for a user, supervisors must email with the following user information:

  • Full Name
  • Keynes user code(s) or UW NetID

Changing departments

Employees who are changing departments and will need access in their new department can keep their hardware token, but will need to re-apply for access appropriate for their role in the new department by completing and sending a new Administrative Systems Access Form, or the Student Database form for the UW Seattle, Bothell, or Tacoma campus.

Limits to access

  • Keynes user code(s) with access to financial, purchasing, and payroll data are linked to a 10-digit departmental organization code. This allows you to access the budgets for just that department or organization. If you need to access more than one organization’s data, you are issued additional Keynes user codes, which you access by entering the “Switch” command on the main menu.
  • When access is granted to systems and applications, typically the level of access granted is based upon a person’s role and the type of information they need to complete their work. Rather than being granted access to all information within a system or application, users will be granted access to specific types of information within a system or application. For example, with access to the Student Systems Database, access could be granted for only specific colleges and major codes.

Terms, Definitions, and Instructions

The following section describes terms, definitions, and more detailed instructions for various fields on the Administrative Systems Access Form. Use the below list to skip to a particular term:

Requesting User

The person for which access is being requested. This person must satisfy the following criteria:

  • UW Employee
  • Current UW NetID
  • Appointment in Workday

Supervisor or Department Contact

The person responsible for the work being performed in the system and determining which users need access to what information. This is frequently, but not necessarily, the supervisor of the person for which access is being requested. Please provide the name of a person whom we may contact regarding access. A supervisor/department contact should satisfy the following criteria:

  • UW Employee in a permanent position
  • Cannot Be the Requesting User
  • From the same department or discipline as Requesting User; sometimes a person otherwise affiliated with the work requiring access can act as sponsor.


A UW NetID is your personal identifier for using UW online resources.

Employee ID number

This is the nine-digit number given to you by the UW. If you have a new faculty/staff ID card, it should be printed on the front. Check with your payroll coordinator if you’re not sure what it is. (Note: this is not your Social Security number.)

Organization Code(s)

List the organization code(s) this Keynes user will access. If you are unfamiliar with the budget/organization code structure for your department or college, please contact your department administrator for assistance.


Signatures, using eSignatures forms, are required by the:

  • Requesting User
  • Supervisor/Department Contact
  • Department Dean, Director or Chair, unless they have a designated alternative.

At least three distinct signatures are required to process applications. Except in unusual cases, forms with fewer than three may be delayed or rejected. Some types of access, and some college or departmental procedures, may call for more rigorous approvals and/or additional signatures.

When requesting access to organization codes outside of the requested user’s department, the chair, dean, or director who is responsible for those organization codes must also sign the form.

Sign in and passwords for Keynes

Instructions on how to sign into Keynes, password instructions and two-factor authentication requirements, and common login problems can be found on the Sign in and passwords for Keynes page.

Training for systems on Keynes

Some systems accessed using Keynes have online training documentation. Check the training for administrative systems page to see if documentation or training is available for systems you use.

Keynes tips, tricks, and messages

A reference page describing common functions, keyboard shortcuts, and commands is available on the Keynes tips, tricks and messages page.