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Last updated: August 23, 2023

The UW offers web publishing options that meet most needs, skill levels, and level of control desired. Below are many of the web publishing options available to UW students, faculty and staff. If you are unsure which option is right for you, check out our guide to choosing a web publishing option.

Web Publishing Options for Everyone

The following options are available to the UW community, and allow websites to be easily
created without knowing HTML or prior web publishing experience.

UW Google Sites web publishing is available as part
of the Google Apps for Education service.
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Web Publishing Options for Students, Faculty, Staff, Courses, and Departments

Web Publishing on Central UW Servers allows you to
create your own website, including installing WordPress and Drupal on central UW servers. MySQL servers are also supported.
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UW Sites Network provides an easy-to-use, UW-branded,
centrally administered WordPress website.
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Web Hosting & Servers for Web Publishing

Pantheon logo
Pantheon is a cloud web hosting provider offering powerful tools to build and maintain WordPress and Drupal based websites including enterprise grade security and 24/7 support.
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UW-IT Hosted and Managed Servers provide complete web server environments that can host websites using Content Management Systems like WordPress or Drupal, or custom websites. Servers can be self-managed or managed by UW-IT. Standard Managed Servers | Standard Hosted Servers

Specialized Web Publishing Options

Publishing on UW Home Page Servers supports the UW home page and other sites stemming off the root of washington.edu and uw.edu, and has different procedures and features than other central servers.
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Microsoft SharePoint Online is a web-based platform that provides collaboration tools and tight integration with Microsoft Office 365.  For internal use only, i.e. no anonymous public web access available.

Local Departmental Servers. Your department may have web publishing
environments already set up for your use. To see if any are offered and for more
information, check with your local IT department.

Explore Similar Services

Hyak offers high-performance computing clusters for researchers who have
a need for a convenient, flexible, and cost-effective high-end computer systems. Learn more

Lolo provides high-capacity storage for supporting both the Hyak cluster
and storage needs of researchers campus-wide. Learn more

UW-IT Managed Servers is designed for UW departments, and leverages
UW-IT’s expertise to offer a simple, efficient solution when you need servers deployed
and managed. Learn more

Web Publishing Resources

Guidelines and Rules

Terms of use and privacy policy

All UW-affiliated sites are required to link to the UW Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Student websites, including Registered Student Organizations, are not required to link to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Appropriate use of UW resources

Administrators are required to be aware of the Appropriate Use of UW resources and ensure their sites fall within these guidelines.