Wi-Fi Access for Visitors

Last updated: April 16, 2024

Eduroam access

Visitors who are affiliated with a participating Eduroam campus or institution can also access the UW Wi-Fi network through that service.  Other visitors can utilize eduroam by using the ANYROAM service.  These methods are preferred over the use of temporary NetIDs on University of Washington.

University of Washington

If you are a UW faculty or staff member, you can assign temporary UW NetIDs to visitors for the purpose of accessing the UW’s Wi-Fi networks.

  • Temporary UW NetIDs are only for people who do not have permanent UW NetIDs and will only need access for a short period of time (up to 3 months for Personal temporary UW NetIDs, up to 2 weeks for Shared temporary UW NetIDs).
  • For people who need longer-term access or access to UW NetID services other than Wi-Fi, you may sponsor the creation of a permanent personal UW NetID.
  • When you assign a temporary UW NetID to an individual or group, you are agreeing to inform those individuals about the ethical use of computers and networks.
  • Before you use this service, you should read and understand your support roles and responsibilities.


There are two types of temporary UW NetIDs you can assign:

  • Personal temporary UW NetID – A UW NetID that is assigned to a single person for wireless access (up to 3 months). Examples: A visiting professor, a visiting vendor giving a demo, a person taking a class for two weeks.
  • Shared temporary UW NetID – A UW NetID that is assigned to a specific group of people for a short time (up to 2 weeks). Examples: Wi-Fi access for conferences, a specific meeting scheduled for non-UW people requiring Wi-Fi access.