Wi-Fi Technology Refresh

Last updated: July 31, 2023



UW-IT is in a constant cycle of WiFi refresh. We’re in process of reviewing our older deployments and either upgrading the existing Access Points or re-designing the building completely to meet our current standards.

Why Upgrade?

Wi-Fi demand at UW has increased significantly in recent years, with key drivers including the rapid proliferation and use of smartphones, tablets and other low-cost portable devices. On average we’re seeing an increase in device counts of 20% per year and this is expected to increase.

UW’s current Wi-Fi access points are either 802.11n, 802.11ac or 802.11ax technologies with dual band capabilities. The latest 802.11ax standard and chipsets provide substantial speed, capacity, efficiency and RF sensitivity improvements over previous generations.

Upgrade Process

In most buildings or areas with existing WiFi coverage, UW-IT is using a simple four step process:

  • Site kick-off & pre-install site survey
  • Replace existing Access Points (aka ‘Rip & Replace’)
  • Post-Install coverage & passive coverage survey
  • Augment coverage with additional Access Points as needed

Upgrade Funding

Wi-Fi Technology Refresh is primarily funded from the UW-IT Technology Recharge Fee.