UW Communications Infrastructure

Last updated: August 12, 2022

Communications Infrastructure supports the UW community by providing coordination of all physical elements pertaining to voice, data, and cable TV for major and minor capital construction projects, tenant improvements, moves, and space planning.  Major responsibilities include the management, service, and installation of pathways and cabling for campus networks, ownership of communications rooms and hubs housing critical equipment, and regional fiber maintenance and documentation.


Available to all building occupants, whether in owned or leased facilities:

  • Assessment of Existing Infrastructure – The CI group offers audits of existing cabling, pathway outlet locations, communications rooms, and potential hazmat areas.  Our designers and project coordinators are well acquainted with UW assets and can advise clients regarding the best approach to achieve their performance objectives.
  • Design and Estimation – Certified and experienced low-voltage communications cabling design staff ensure that designs produced will function within UW standards, will be delivered efficiently and accurately, and provide the most cost effective solutions.
  • Construction Utility Locates – As an additional service to the UW campus and outlying areas, CI provides locate services prior to construction-related digs or other ground disturbances.  This involves accurately verifying the location of UW pathways and equipment and marking this information on site for construction crews.  Crews can then safely perform their work, ensuring that existing service is not interrupted.

Credentials and certifications 

  • Structured cabling systems and fiber optics design and implementation expertise
  • RCDD (Registered Communications Distribution Designer) certified team members
  • Compliance with BISCI industry standards, including but not limited to: telecommunications distribution systems, data and wireless networks, bonding and grounding, and electronic safety and security

Benefits of working with UW communications infrastructure 

  • Potential time and cost savings resulting from CI design, planning, and project coordination
  • Initial consultation available at no cost to assess existing infrastructure and potential solution strategies
  • Expertise in UW best practices and a long history of collaboration with UW Facilities Construction trades personnel