UW Connect Finance

Last updated: April 30, 2024
Audience: Staff

UW Connect Finance includes Workday Finance self-help and training content, request forms, case management for managing and routing tickets, and standard dashboards and metrics.

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Getting support with financial transactions

Shared Environments

Your Shared Environment is your first point of contact for finance support inquiries and requests to initiate finance processes. Some Shared Environments may use their own tools for managing internal customer issues.

UW Connect Finance

You can use UW Connect Finance to access self-help guides on common transactions in Workday Finance. You can also contact a representative of your Shared Environments for help and customer support using a request form.

UW Medicine

UW Medicine staff will continue to get support from their existing central shared services, but self-help content will be available on UW Connect Finance for supply chain processes.

Workday Finance training

For those who use Workday Finance regularly as part of their work, UW Connect Finance will provide knowledge articles, job aids, training, recorded demos on a range of topics.

Case management and ticketing training

Support agents, representatives in the Shared Environments will use UW Connect Finance triage, address, and escalate tickets to Central Administration/Finance organizations.

UW Medicine IT Services plans to have its own, separate ServiceNow platform rather than use UW Connect Finance. For the time being, UW Medicine Supply Chain will use UW Connect Finance as a stop-gap measure until UW Medicine IT Services is ready to onboard this team to their new ServiceNow instance. UW Connect Finance will also include training for their support agents.

To get training in case management and ticketing using UW Connect Finance, users can self-enroll for the eLearning course using the following link: UW Connect Finance Basics: An Overview or find it in the Bridge Library by searching for the course name.