Keynes tips, tricks, and messages

Last updated: June 18, 2020

Main Menu

After you successfully log on, you will be on the Administrative Systems Main Menu. The systems you have access to are listed on the left side of the screen.

Other Functions on the Main Menu

  • BYE: Sign off from the administrative systems. This command will break your Telnet or Ewan connection.
  • NEW: Sign off, but leave the Sign-On Screen for the next user or a different login.
  • PASSWORD: Use for optional password changes.
  • REFRESH: Clears blinking error messages and cleans up distorted screen displays.
  • WRU: Identify Station.
  • SWITCH: Used by users with multiple usercodes assigned for access to different organizations.

Making menu selections

In the Choice box type the system abbreviation (e.g. BGT, FIN, HEPPS, etc.) and press <Enter>.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Many places in administrative systems require you use upper case letters, although you can use lower case letters when you log on and within some of the programs. It is recommended that you confirm if your <Caps Lock> is on before you start using any of the administrative systems.

To move from system to system or within a system:

Press <Home> or move to the upper-left corner, and type a period followed by the system. For example:

  • .FIN
  • .HEPPS
  • .BGT
  • .MENU will take you back to the main menu
  • .BYE will log you off.

If you know the correct page code within the current system, you can also simply type the correct code in the upper left corner and continue.

Make sure you erase any remaining letters in the upper-left corner by pressing <space> over them, and press <Enter> after the command.

To move to the next field

Press <TAB>

To move to previous field

Hold down the <SHIFT> key and press <Tab>

To move to the first field on a line following the current line:

Press <RETURN>

A quick way to the Action Box

Press <HOME> and then press <BACKSPACE> twice.

Go to the Main Menu for the system you are in:

Press <HOME>, type HELP (must be upper case), and press <ENTER>

Return to the Administrative Systems Main Menu

  • Press <HOME> and then type <.MENU>
  • Press <ENTER>

Print a screen

Select File–>Print

System Messages

  • DATA ENTRY ERROR: Displayed in the upper right corner when there is an alpha character in a numeric field or a numeric character in an alpha field. The cursor will generally be in the field where you need to make the correction.
  • INVALID TC: RE-ENTER INPUT: The transaction code has been altered, but the system can correct itself.
    Re-enter any data you entered on the previous screen and press <ENTER>
  • REJECTED: TERMINAL IN PAGE MODE: Caused when the <Enter> key is pressed twice or too hard; continue as usual.
  • TRANSACTION ACKNOWLEDGED: Transaction in process; wait for the next screen to appear. Do not press <Enter> again.
  • UNKNOWN TRANSACTION CODE: Code at top left corner has been altered. If you know what the correct transaction code should be, simply type the correct code in the upper left corner and continue. Otherwise, Press <> and then type HELP, and press <ENTER> and continue from Main Menu.
  • USER MODULE ERROR or MODULE LOCKED OUT: Administrative system is malfunctioning; email

Signing Off from the Administrative Systems

  1. Press <>, and then type .BYE
  2. Press <ENTER>