Access Forms for Keynes systems

Last updated: September 6, 2022

We no longer accept hard copy forms.  To get access, you must initiate DocuSign submission for that application.  Typically, managers or team leaders will request access for a person that needs access to information through a system. They will request both access and level of access to the system, which determines what can be done within the system. Once an access request is processed, a Keynes user code is generated and can be used to access the necessary system through Keynes.

Please read the instructions before applying.

DocuSign submission link:

  1. Administrative Systems Access Form  provides access for the following systems:
    • BGT – Budget Systems
    • FIN – Financial Accounting Systems
    • PAS – Purchasing Systems  (PAS Entry and Update are transitioning to Ariba.)
  1. DocuSign link for access to the Student Database (SDB)
    • Seattle staff and faculty initiate DocuSign here:
    • Bothell staff and faculty initiate DocuSign here:
    • Tacoma staff and faculty initiate DocuSign here:

Once DocuSign submitted, please also send an email to with subject line – ” Keynes – <System>* Access for <UW NetID>** that DocuSign has been initiated.

*   For <System>, please indicate “SDB” for student database or “AA” for administrative access.
** For <UW NetID>, please indicate the user requesting/needing access.

If you are unable to fill out DocuSign, please call 206.221.5000 or send email to with the following information and we can help initiate DocuSign.  Information we will need from you to start DocuSign:

–  Requesting User (Name, phone number, UW NetID and EID),
–  Supervisor (Name, phone number, UW NetID and EID),
–  Chair/Dean/Director (Name and UW NetID),

If you know you will need a specific level of access that includes additional approvals, also provide that information in the email.

Administrative Systems Access Form

Read the instructions for how to fill out the Keynes access form, and the terms used in the form.