Access Forms for Keynes systems

Last updated: October 9, 2023

To get KEYNES access, please follow steps below (both 1 & 2 are required):

1. Submit request to UW-IT:

Submit request for SDB/AA access here


2.  Start DocuSign for approval of access: 

2a) Request access to SDB

Faculty and Staff may click on one of the below-listed UW campuses to start DocuSign for SDB access:

2b) Request access to Administrative Systems (FIN and/or BGT)

Fill out the Administrative Systems Access DocuSign Form for access to FIN or BGT.


Once you submit DocuSign, please wait and we will process your request as soon as all required signatures are in place.  If you are unable to fill out DocuSign, please call 206.221.5000 or send email to and we can help initiate DocuSign.  Information we will need from you to start DocuSign:

  • Requesting User (Name, phone number, UW NetID, EID and Department),
  • Supervisor (Name, phone number, UW NetID, EID and Department),
  • Is this access request for a new employee replacing former employee and requesting duplicate SDB access?
    (please provide name and UWNetid)
  • Is this an employee needing duplicate Student Database (SDB) access as current departmental employee
    (please provide name and UWNetid).
  • SDB access needs – any additional information you like to provide regarding your SDB access request.

Administrative Systems Access Form

Read the instructions for how to fill out the Keynes access form, and the terms used in the form.