Delegated Administrator

Last updated: June 13, 2024

UW Delegated Administrators have the highest permissions level of all DocuSign users. In addition to having the ability to create templates and users, the Delegated Administrator is a role that comes with additional responsibilities and training requirements, such as:

  • Serve as the initial point of escalation for DocuSign-related questions on the team with an understanding that when granted this expanded access, they will be able to handle this responsibility.
  • Manage the proper retention and disposal of documents created by their team in accordance with UW Records Management and all applicable privacy policies. 
  • Inform the eSignatures team if you are leaving the UW or changing departments so that we can remove or update your access. 
  • Be familiar with the materials provided for UW Senders and Signers as well.

In addition to the general permissions granted to UW Senders and Signers, Delegated Administrators shall:

  • Manage users,
  • Create and share templates, and
  • Manage their team Groups and Signing groups. 

Review UW Delegated Admin Essentials training video .

Below are the materials from DocuSign that provide more information about accomplishing these tasks:

In addition to this guide, DocuSign has extensive help documentation and customer forums available for additional guidance on DocuSign’s capabilities.