Sender Essentials

Last updated: September 29, 2022

The following content guides you through the steps to send documents, create and manage templates, generate reports, as well as advanced topics such as bulk sending.

DocuSign Overview

Overview eLearning

  • DocuSign Account Tour
  • DocuSign Life Cycle
  • Overview of a Sending Transaction

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Additional Resources

Profile Overview

Profile Settings eLearning

  • Customize Your Profile
  • Defining Your Signature
  • Using Email Notification Settings

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Additional Resources

How do I change my signature?

Sending: Without a Template

Basic Sending eLearning

  • Uploading Documents to Send 
  • Establishing Recipients and Workflow
  • Adding Messaging and Personal Notes 

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Additional Resources

How do I send a document?

Sending: With a Template

Send Using a Template eLearning

  • Using Templates
  • Use a Template from your Template Folder
  • Use Multiple Templates in One Transaction

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Additional Resources

How do I create and use templates?

How do I match a new template to a previously uploaded template?

Managing Sent Envelopes

Managing Sent Envelopes eLearning

  • Envelope Management Overview
  • Folder Management
  • Correcting In-Progress Transactions

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Additional Resources

How do I manage sent documents?

How do I correct documents I sent?

Reporting Capabilities

Report Generation eLearning

  • Using Standard Reports
  • Creating a Custom Report

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Advanced Sending: Fields and Labels

Using Document Labels eLearning

  • Understanding Fields and Labels when Sending

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Advanced Sending: Bulk Sending

Bulk Sending eLearning

  • Sending Using Bulk Send Overview
  • Preparing the Bulk Send CSV File
  • Preparing a Document for Bulk Send Recipients
  • Using a Template with Bulk Send

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DocuSign has extensive help documentation and customer forums available for additional guidance on DocuSign’s capabilities.