Last updated: April 7, 2023

If you have ever signed a DocuSign form here at the University of Washington, you already have a “UW Signers” profile in DocuSign. It is created automatically the first time you sign an envelope in DocuSign and facilitates your completion of that form with our Single Sign-On using your UW NetID. 

Permissions are only limited to being able to sign envelopes that are sent to you.

Limitations include:

  • Sending envelopes: You cannot use a UW Signers account to send envelopes or use any other parts of DocuSign.
    • If you log in to DocuSign and see that you have an account, but are unable to send an envelope, you likely have not had a department-specific account set up for you OR,
    • If you have had such an account set up, you need to switch over to your departmental profile which will have additional permissions. See how to switch profiles here
    • If you need permission to send envelopes but do not have an account, reach out to your team’s Delegated Administrator, who will be able to set one up for you. 
  • Delegated Administrator access: If you are looking to become a Delegated Administrator for your team, you can fill out an eSignatures Interest Form to begin the process.

To learn more about signing documents, check out the materials below:

Signing Overview

Overview eLearning

  • What does it mean to be a Signer?
  • DocuSign Account Tour
  • DocuSign Signer Overview

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Signing Basics

Basic Signing eLearning

  • DocuSign Signing Email Notification
  • Signing with Signature and Initials Only
  • Signing and Filling out Forms
  • Approving or Declining a Document During Signing

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Signing Security

Signing Security eLearning

  • Understanding Security for Signers

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Advanced Signing Options

Signing Options eLearning

  • Uploading an Attachment During Signing
  • Declining to Sign
  • Finish Signing Later 
  • Signing on Paper
  • Offline Signing
  • Assign Signing to Another Recipient 
  • Freeform Signing

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