eSignatures FAQ

Last updated: January 4, 2023

This section is intended for:

  • eSignatures users (senders and admins) who have an eSignatures account. For information on how to to get an account please visit the eSignatures home page.
  • Recipients of eSignatures documents

DocuSign has extensive help documentation and customer forums that you may use for guidance on DocuSign’s capabilities. This content is intended to help answer specific UW configurations and use cases.


Electronic signatures provided by DocuSign are legally accepted by regulatory and governmental bodies.

At this time DocuSign is offered at no cost to the organizations.

No, the eSignatures service may not be used for documents that contain HIPAA-protected information. However, the eSignatures service may be used for documents that request HIPAA authorization for research purposes and must adhere to the Human Subjects Division’s guidance on this topic.

In order to ensure legal compliance and reduce potential losses resulting from improper electronic signatures, governmental agencies must develop a process for evaluating their use of electronic signatures before implementation. The University of Washington has developed a “risk assessment” process similar to that used by federal and state central services agencies in order to assess the risks associated with using electronic signatures. As part of this process, before approving the use of an electronic signature in a particular case, the University will consider:

  • the likelihood of a successful challenge to the validity of the electronic signature, and
  • the monetary loss, or other adverse impact, that could result from such a successful challenge to the enforceability of the electronic signature.

In order to allow the University to adequately assess such risk, departments must submit a preliminary risk assessment form, and, if required, a risk assessment form, which will be evaluated centrally.

The University will evaluate the risks associated with the proposed use, based on the information provided, and determine whether a particular use of an electronic signature solution is appropriate. Approval of a particular use of an electronic signature solution shall not constitute approval of other uses of an electronic signature solution or approval of the use of a different electronic signature solution.

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If you have viewed or signed a document through DocuSign at UW in the past , you have a user profile automatically created for that purpose in the “UW Signers” account. This profile doesn’t have any advanced privileges. Make sure that you are logged in the correct profile by switching to the correct account and setting up your correct default profile.

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eSignatures makes it easy to for recipients to securely sign electronically.
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