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Wi-Fi Technology Refresh

Due to changes to the eduroam Wi-Fi service as of 05/01/20, users are required to re-onboard their devices. Please visit our Eduroam Onboarding Guide for step-by-step instructions or click to onboard right away.


UW-IT is in a constant cycle of WiFi refresh. We’re in process of reviewing our older deployments and either upgrading the existing Access Points or re-designing the building completely to meet our current standards.

Why Upgrade?

Wi-Fi demand at UW has increased significantly in recent years, with key drivers including the rapid proliferation and use of smartphones, tablets and other low-cost portable devices. On average we’re seeing an increase in device counts of 20% per year and this is expected to increase.

UW’s current Wi-Fi access points are either 802.11n or 802.11ac technologies with dual band capabilities. The latest 802.11ac standard and chip-sets provide substantial speed, capacity, efficiency and RF sensitivity improvements over previous generations.

Upgrade Process

In most buildings or areas with existing WiFi coverage, UW-IT is using a simple four step process:

  • Site kick-off & pre-install site survey
  • Replace existing Access Points (aka β€˜Rip & Replace’)
  • Post-Install coverage & passive coverage survey
  • Augment coverage with additional Access Points as needed

Upgrade Funding

Wi-Fi Technology Refresh is primarily funded from the UW-IT Technology Recharge Fee.

Last reviewed January 24, 2019