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About Husky OnNet


Husky OnNet provides individual users with a secure temporary connection to the UW network from remote the f5 logolocations. Husky OnNet is powered by f5 BIG-IP Access Policy Manager.

The user applications for MacOS, Microsoft Windows and Linux are available for download from Uware. MacOS and Windows use customized versions of the f5 BIG-IP Edge Clients. Linux uses an f5 VPN Helper Application for 32-bit or 64-bit Chrome or Firefox browsers.

f5 BIG-IP Edge clients are available for a number of devices (e.g., iOS, Android, and other devices) in appropriate app stores.


  • Internet connection
  • Appropriately configured device that runs a current version of MacOS, Windows, or Linux
  • Appropriate Husky OnNet application downloaded from UWare

Eligible Users

Current UW Faculty, Staff and Students are eligible for the service.

Sponsored NetIDs for which the Assigned Computing Services Package is purchased by the sponsor ($20/mo with a UW budget number) are eligible.

Authorized Husky OnNet – Department users are eligible.

UW Medicine & Clinical Departments – Husky OnNet should not be used to access restricted UW Medicine resources. Users in UW Medicine & Clinical departments should visit UW Medicine Remote Access for access to restricted UW Medicine resources; or email UW Medicine IT Services at for more information.

Note: While ineligible persons may still be able to download and install the application, access will be denied upon entering an ineligible UW NetID.

Use of Husky OnNet

The UW Appropriate Use Policy applies for all network use through Husky OnNet.

Husky OnNet is intended for short duration use by individuals requiring access to the UW network from non-UW locations that have third-party ISP services. These may include home offices, airports, cafes, etc.

A Husky OnNet session is terminated after 72 hours. To continue using the service, you will need to reconnect and re-authenticate.

The Husky OnNet application is not appropriate for use in the following situations:

  • Any connection to the UW network that must persist beyond 72 hours.
  • Off-campus locations that are leased or owned by UW and have a UW facilities code (e.g., building designator or facility number). In these cases, please contact UW-IT at for appropriate UW network connectivity for your location.
  • Off-campus areas that require UW wifi access.
  • Off-campus areas that require physical UW telephones.
  • Off-campus situations requiring the origination or receipt of Big Data or large data transfers.

Why Husky OnNet?

Most organizations, UW included, have network-connected resources and applications that are available ONLY to devices that are a member of the network. These are internal or non-public resources and applications. They are not available to devices connecting from the Internet at large.

Non-public UW network resources and applications to which UW users might need access include: teaching and learning tools, research databases, financial applications, administrative applications, departmental servers, printers, desktops, subscription-based online journals, and more.

UW users connecting their device to a third-party ISP (e.g., from home, a conference, a café, an airport, etc.) will, by default, have an IP address that makes their device a member of the ISP’s network. Because the device appears to be a member of this ISP and not the UW network, the device will not have access to the internal UW network and access will be denied.

In contrast, when the user runs Husky OnNet on their device, the application creates a secure, encrypted connection back to the UW network from within the ISP connection. Via Husky OnNet, the device is also assigned a UW network IP address. The UW network will then “see” the device as a local member and access is allowed to internal UW network resources and applications.  All UW campus network traffic will go over the Husky OnNet connection and is subject to the UW Appropriate Use Policy.  All other public Internet traffic (e.g., Netflix, Hulu, MSNBC, etc.) will go over your ISP connection.

Husky OnNet Department (HON-D) Service

UW departments/units requiring access to their restricted network-connected resources may want to allow access to certain individuals from on- or off-campus locations. General access to the UW network via Husky OnNet is insufficient to access these restricted department/unit network segments. The Husky OnNet – Department (HON-D) for-fee service supports secure connections from both on- and off-campus locations to departmentally-restricted subnets using a departmentally-controlled authorized users access list. The default configuration supports up to 62 simultaneous connections for each of two departmental connection servers (department & UW traffic only or all Internet traffic) included in the service.


This tool is provided by UW-IT to address a broad need across our community for secure remote connectivity to the UW network and is listed in the UW-IT Service Catalog.

UW-IT support is limited to:

  • Assisting users to download, install, and make a successful connection to the UW network using either the MacOS or Windows Husky OnNet application.

UW-IT support is not available to end users for the following:

  • Getting an ISP connection
  • Troubleshooting an ISP connection
  • Configuration or compatibility issues on your device
  • Devices not running a current version of MacOS or Windows or the UWare-supplied versions of the MacOS or Windows Husky OnNet applications
  • Devices running Linux
  • Issues or problems related to non-UW-IT services accessed via Husky OnNet

Support for other client applications:

F5 BIG-IP Edge clients are available for a number of devices (e.g. iOS, Android, and other devices) in appropriate app stores. While UW-IT cannot answer questions about these applications, users who are able to successfully install and use them without help are welcome to do so. Like all users, these users are bound by the Terms and Conditions for use of this software, including complying with UW Appropriate Use Policy, which applies for all network use through Husky OnNet.

Server information required for configuring the f5 Edge clients:

  • UW Campus Network Traffic Only (recommended):
  • All Internet Traffic (special requirements use only):

Support Options

Other support resources: