High Performance Computing

Last updated: February 17, 2023

Hyak, the UW’s supercomputer, has had a powerful impact supporting research at the UW.

The University of Washington is committed to supporting world-class research with up-to-date tools and resources, a mission deeply shared by UW Information Technology, which provides a wide array of High Performance Computing services (HPC).

HPC is one of the main engines driving scientific and engineering research. What once took 30 years to compute, now only takes a matter of days with a tool such as Hyak, UW’s shared research computing cluster.

Hyak — ‘fast’ in Chinook jargon — is one of many tools that are part of the University’s cyberinfrastructure plan to support world-class research in fields as varied as Astronomy, Biology, Climate Science, Engineering and Physics. The plan is helping drive the University’s research mission on multiple levels, from recruiting to leadership in many fields.

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    How HPC at the UW allows you to transfer, archive and share your data.
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  • HPC Governance
    How the Hyak supercomputer is managed and information about the Hyak Governance Board.