Share Events on Other Calendars

Last updated: August 11, 2022

Show On and Mix In are the two ways to share events among different calendars (and thus increase awareness of department or school/college events). Calendars use one or the other of these methods. Don’t use both Mix-in and Show on with the same calendar.

Which sharing method is right for your calendar?

The right sharing method depends on whether you want to share just some or all of your events. If you want to share select events, use Show On. If you want to share all events, use Mix In.

Share Some Events

Show On allows calendar editors to share individual events with the calendars for which they have Show On permissions. Show On permission enables a bi-directional sharing — a department may promote some of their events up to a Campus, College or School calendar and also share events down from the Campus/College/School’s calendar to the department calendar.

By default, Show On permissions to the Campus/College/School’s calendar are initially configured by UW-IT when a calendar is first created (learn more about how Show On permissions are configured). To request Show On permission on a new calendar, contact

Share All Events

Mix In shares all events on a calendar (in only one direction). Mix In brings all the events from one calendar (usually a sub-calendar) into another (usually a parent calendar). Events mixed into a parent calendar can then be filtered by selecting the calendars that own the shared events. The filtering capacity is created by inserting the appropriate spud. In addition, each sub-calendar can be published on a separate web page to enable end users to subscribe just its events. (It is not possible to subscribe to events from a mixed in calendar via the parent calendar.) 

The Mix In setting must be configured by a UW Event Calendar publisher. To request setup of a Mix In or inquire about whether Mix In would be a good choice for your calendar, send a message to


A UW-IT training calendar shows training events from two sub-calendars: one sub-calendar shows training sessions for Panopto, the other for Canvas. A person viewing the parent training calendar can choose to see all trainings available for Panopto and Canvas, or can filter to see trainings only from only calendar at a time.