Set up Event Registration

Last updated: February 7, 2023

You may use Trumba to set up registration for your events, track registrants, manage invitations, and send reminders, etc. For more information, watch the four videos we created to explain how Trumba registration works at the UW and follow the links to relevant Trumba documentation.

How do I set up event registration?

Note: If only people from the UW will be registering for your event, we recommend that you require them to log in with their UW NetID. See Tips below.

Learn how to use T2 registration.

How do I manage my event registration?

See Trumba help to learn how to manage following areas of event registration:

Can I include custom questions on the event registration form?

Yes, you can include custom questions with UW-IT’s help. To do so, send your custom registration questions to and enter “Trumba Calendar Event Registration” in the subject line. UW-IT will create a custom registration form for your calendar. To find your new custom registration form, go to the Event Registration tab, and select the new custom form.

Can I use a custom banner image on the event registration form?

No. The UW banner image is the only image available for banners, and it is used by all the UW calendars.

Can I collect registration fees using Trumba?

No.  You may still use Trumba to collect registration information and then link to another system for collecting fees.

Tips on Event Registration

  • If all event registrants have UW NetIDs, we recommend requiring the UW NetID as the sign-in method. This makes it easier for registrants to manage their registrations.
    • When you set up the registration, on the right side of the registration form, select Show more options.
    • Then, next to Visitor sign in, select UW NetID by unchecking the other options.
    • Check Sign in required
  • Use Auto-invite response timeout to automatically send a registration invitation to the next person on the wait list if the person invited previously has neither registered or declined within the time limit you set. This field will display after you select Offer wait list and Auto-invite from wait list.
  • Add additional registration organizers to allow others to view and check in registrants and guests. You can also specify whether they’ll receive registration notifications. The event creator is automatically added as an organizer.