About moving to the new Mailman

Last updated: August 26, 2022
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This information applies to: New Mailman

Please note: This documentation is still undergoing quality check. The final version will be published soon.

UW-IT will be moving soon to a new version of Mailman. List owners will be notified before the lists are moved.

How long will the transition take?

Mail lists will be moved over a period of several weeks. During the transition, list owners may have different lists using different versions of Mailman.

How will I know when my list has been moved?

List owners will be notified when a list has been moved to the new version of Mailman. They will receive one notification for each list they own.

How will I access the administrator pages?

Once a list has been moved, the administrative interface can be accessed only through the new Mailman. However, there will be a grace period when owners will be redirected to the new administrator page from the old administrator page. If your list is in the previous version of Mailman, it will not be displayed in the new version. Instead, you will need to go to the administrative pages that you have always used.

Online documentation for new Mailman

List deletion: In the new version of Mailman, owners and site administrators can delete lists. Deletion is permanent, and deleted lists cannot be recovered.

Lists will continue to be removed according to our policy. Please respond right away to the email message if you wish to keep a list that is slated to be removed.