FAQs for Accessibility Contact field

Last updated: January 9, 2024
Audience: All UW

Why was the Accessibility Contact field added?

All University of Washington entities are responsible for ensuring that their programs, services, and activities are accessible. We added the Accessibility Contact field to better meet the accessibility needs of event attendees. Including a contact to whom attendees can direct their questions will help ensure that UW events are accessible to all.

In the absence of an accessibility contact in the event posting, potential attendees often contact the UW Disability Services Office (DSO) to get answers about event accessibility. When the DSO is contacted, they must take the time to track down event organizers, acting as a middle person between event organizers and attendees. This adds time to the process of getting answers to inquiries best answered by event organizers, such as building accessibility or accessible parking. It also takes DSO specialists away from responding to requests that they are better suited to fill.

Do I have to fill in this field?

Yes. On November 16th, the field became a required part of creating an event.

What if I don’t know who handles accessibility issues for our department?

Check with the event organizer your unit or department head. In most cases, any person familiar with the building, event venue, or technology will be able to answer basic accessibility questions. The DSO website provides helpful information to ensure the event you are planning and promoting is accessible to all.

What do I have to know about accessibility as the accessibility contact?

Providing information for an Accessibility Contact doesn’t mean you need to be an accessibility expert. Typical accessibility questions include inquiries about building access or accessible parking (for in-person events) or making an online meeting more accessible. Learn more about effective strategies for improving accessibility for online meetings.

Please contact Disability Services Office (DSO), dso@uw.edu, if you have questions or need an interpreter or other services provided by the DSO.

Whose contact information should I include?

The accessibility field is a text box where you can add any contact information you think would be helpful for event attendees with requests connected to a disability or health condition they have. You may include your departmental email address or phone number. Keep in mind that this information is available to the public.

Where do I go if I need help providing accessibility accommodations?

The Disability Services Office (DSO) is happy to consult! Please contact DSO, dso@uw.edu, if you have questions or need an interpreter or other services provided by the DSO.