New Mailman Archives

Last updated: August 26, 2022

This information applies to: New Mailman

Please note: This documentation is still undergoing quality check. The final version will be published soon.

About Mailman Archives

If your mailing list is set up to archive messages, you can view and send messages in the archives. Archived messages are saved for two years. For more information, see the Mailman archive policy. Only list owners can set up archiving.

Public archives

Messages sent to a Mailman list can be made available to everyone through public archives, which are indexed by online search engines such as Google and Bing. List owners can choose whether to keep archives of list messages and whether those archives should be kept private or made public.

Access the archives

  1. Log in to your list administration page.
  2. In the top menu, click Archives.
    Screen shot of archives button
  3. The next page displays the available lists. You can hide inactive and private lists by checking the boxes in the top left corner.screen capture of list types
  4. Locate a list’s archives and click the list.

View messages

On the top navigation, you may select to view the most Recent discussions, Most active, Most popular, your Favorites (ones you’ve flagged), and Posted (discussions where you have posted a message).
screen capture of view archive messages

On the side navigation, you may select to view threads by month and download a zipped file of a month’s archives.

side navigation

To view a message, click anywhere near the highlighted message.

To reply to a message, click Reply located at the bottom of the message, type your message, and click Send. Note: If you are not a subscriber to the list, you will be automatically subscribed when you send a message. Reload the page to see your response. Messages sent from the archives will be emailed to list subscribers.

Start a new thread

You may start a new thread on several pages in the archives:

  • On your main archives page, click +Start a new thread on the top left corner.
  • If you are viewing a message, click Reply and check the Create new thread box.
  • On the All threads page, start a new thread by clicking +Start a new thread on the top right corner.

To navigate back to the main page, click Manage subscription on the left navigation.