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Last updated: March 28, 2023

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ASTRA is an access management service that stores authorization information about who can use a variety of UW administrative applications and other resources. Learn about ASTRA 2.1 automated deprovisioning, now being adopted by several applications.

Applications that use ASTRA for access management include:

  • Research applications: SAGE, GCCR, etc.
  • Student applications: Canvas, DeptTools, EARS, etc.
  • Financial applications: MyFD, eProcurement, eTravel, eFECS, TeamBudget, ProCard, etc.
  • Business Web Services: SWS, PWS, FWS, HRPWS, IdCardWS, etc.
  • Workflows: Tuition Change, Supplier Registration
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse, SMAT

Authorizations in ASTRA define limits on:

  • Application roles (analyst, payroll coordinator, approver, etc.)
  • Application actions (update, inquiry, etc.)
  • Application limit restrictions (budgets, organization codes, dollar limits, FacNum, etc.)

People log in to the ASTRA Web interface to:

  • Delegate their authority to others to manage authorizations
  • Authorize others to use applications by creating authorizations
  • Review, update, and delete authorizations for audit compliance
  • Search for people with authority to delegate or authorize access

Applications integrate with ASTRA by a three-step process:

  1. Defining a schema in ASTRA for roles, actions, and limits
  2. Enabling Delegators and Authorizers to manage authorizations in ASTRA
  3. Consuming ASTRA authorization data to enforce access control policies

Note: the ASTRA team is actively engaged with specific application teams on implementing updates resulting from UW Finance Transformation project.  A few applications have been, or will be, removed (no longer in use), some will change and only be used for access to past or historical information, but other applications will have new types of limits associated with financial data from Workday Finance.

To learn more about integrating ASTRA into a new application, contact or visit our ASTRA documentation.