Transition a Service Provider Registration Between the UW and InCommon

Last updated: May 30, 2024
Audience: IT Staff / Technical

This document describes how to transition a Shibboleth Service Provider (SP) registration from the UW to the InCommon federation, or from InCommon to the UW.


In order for an SP to work with the UW IdP, the SP must register with the UW or register with the InCommon federation. By registering directly with the UW the SP can authenticate users with UW NetIDs. Registering with InCommon provides the capability to authenticate users with UW NetIDs plus users with credentials at any InCommon federation site.

If your SP only needs to authenticate users with UW NetIDs, we recommend registering with the UW via the UW Service Provider Registry. You can do this via self-service and the registration takes effect in less than an hour. If your SP needs to authenticate users from the UW and from other InCommon participants you have no choice but to register with InCommon. Registering with InCommon is not self-service and typically takes about one business day to take effect.

If your SP requirements change, you may need to migrate your registration from one registry to the other. You should not maintain registrations with both the UW and InCommon except during a brief transition period. During the transition period your registration information should be the same in both registration systems. If your metadata differs between the two registration systems you may experience problems.


UW to InCommon

  1. Request registration with InCommon.
  2. You will be contacted when the new registration is in effect.
  3. Delete your registration from the UW SP Registry.

InCommon to UW

  1. Register with the UW.
  2. Request your InCommon registration be deleted.
  3. You will be contacted when this has been completed