A look back

Last updated: February 7, 2023

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Reflecting on UW-IT accomplishments in 2022

UW-IT provided critical support to the University community across multiple areas, from increasing protection against cyber threats to providing new tools and systems to improve how we do our work. Check out the following highlights of what we did over the past year.

Email filtering system blocks millions of spam and phishing emails

UW-IT deployed Proofpoint software to stop malicious content from reaching recipients and leveraged its email-protecting features to help reduce institutional risk. Proofpoint is one of the world’s leading cybersecurity firms

New enterprise document management system picks up first customers

The UW’s new document management system, DocFinity, was launched, and UW-IT successfully onboarded several departments and units to help streamline business processes, among other efficiencies.

UW-IT helps activate Husky Card’s free public transportation feature

UW-IT’s Information Management division partnered with Human Resources and Transportation Services to transfer and manage employee data so all eligible staff could begin to use buses and light rail for free — a new benefit approved mid-year. The process was seamless for those who use their Husky cards to board public transportation.

Academic planning tool to include four different class modalities

When students asked that the University’s time schedule identify whether classes would be taught in-person, hybrid, synchronous or asynchronous online so they could better manage family and job responsibilities alongside commuting, class schedules and study, the Tri-Campus Digital Learning Alliance (UW-IT is a member), brought together units to develop standard definitions for these four course modalities. Class modalities will be visible in the academic planning tool, MyPlan, this year.

Major refresh of chemical inventory system to improve health and safety

The MyChem chemical inventory tracking system — vital to the UW’s health and safety investigations and for compliance data requirements — was migrated to a modern cloud-based platform that eases workflows and allows the University to comply with federal, state and local regulations.

UW’s three campuses join the Common App

UW-IT and partners across three campuses implemented the Common App, a college application platform used by more than 900 universities. It became available in late 2022 so students could use it to apply for autumn quarter 2023 start. The Common App makes applying to the UW easier for Washington students.

UW-IT unveils wireless network for printers, TVs and other IoT devices

To increase security and improve connectivity for Internet of Things (IoT) devices, UW-IT delivered a dedicated wireless network for printers, games and other peripherals that connect to the UW network.

Redesigned websites better serve the UW community

So the UW community could more easily find what they need, two IT websites received major makeovers: IT Connect, the UW’s main web portal to technology at the University, and the Accessible Technology website, which provides valuable resources to make digital content accessible by people with a wide range of abilities.

New center draws national funding, research computing expertise

The UW’s eScience Institute became one of four global research institutions chosen to lead a new $40 million network to help advance discovery with cutting-edge data science tools and techniques. UW-IT research computing experts were leveraged to help build the UW Scientific Software Engineering Center.

UW-IT delivers reporting platform to support Title IX training

To support the UW’s mandatory Title IX online prevention and response course about sex- and gender-based violence and harassment, UW-IT’s Information Management division created a reporting solution, via the BI Portal, so units and departments could easily track employee participation and training compliance.