UW-IT’s Year in Review for 2021

Last updated: February 7, 2023

Working together for a better University

Welcome to UW-IT’s 2021 Year in Review report. Despite the ongoing global pandemic, we worked together to bring students back to the classroom in the fall, and collaborated with partners across all three campuses and with UW medical centers and global research operations to continue to advance teaching, learning, innovation and discovery

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Defeating unwanted email

UW-IT leverages a powerful new email filtering platform to help protect UW email from millions of needless, and sometimes dangerous, messages.

Read about how we protect your email

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Optimizing pandemic response

UW Medicine researchers used the power of cloud computing to speed the response to COVID-19 in vulnerable populations, and their methods could be used to tackle other disasters.

Discover how machine learning expedited discoveries

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An end to the paper trail

A new cloud-based enterprise document management system will help the UW manage its paperless future.

Read why the UW is going paperless

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Brainy Hyak speeds ahead

As the UW’s supercomputer is updated for more speed, GPU capability and higher workloads, UW Bothell and UW Tacoma join the Hyak community.

Check out Hyak’s new superpowers

A look ahead

To support the work of the University, UW-IT is implementing key initiatives for 2022.

UW-IT’s 2022 focus

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FY 2022 budget

UW-IT carefully manages its budget, always committed to transparency and accountability to the UW.

UW-IT’s current budget

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A look back at 2021

Learn about the wide breadth of initiatives that enhanced teaching, learning, innovation and discovery.

UW-IT’s 2021 highlights

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