Business Systems Highlights

Last updated: February 7, 2023

UW-IT is collaborating with partners across the University to modernize systems and tools and provide critical support for business operations.

Cost of UW compared to others

UW Profiles has two new web-based dashboards that compare costs for students to attend the UW against other higher education institutions.

Online ID verification

For UW NetID password resets and other common needs, the UW-IT Service Center can verify a person’s identity over Zoom with a picture ID.

Remote call centers launched

Remote call center operations were implemented for the UW-IT Service Center in March, using Avaya Agent for Desktop, which also supports a dozen other at-home call centers for different University units.

Data governance model in place

Led by the UW Provost’s office, a strategy to manage and protect institutional data includes a new data governance structure to help oversee and implement recommendations for all UW campuses. The model has a steering committee, operational committee and task forces focused on various initiatives.

Supporting UWFT

UW-IT Finance (ITF), a UW Finance Transformation partner, hired a record number of positions to support the program while defining workstreams, components and additional data capabilities needed to complete the project, along with confirming which systems will be remediated and which will be retired.

BI Portal includes legacy HR/P reports

Several key employee history reports were added to the Business Intelligence (BI) Portal for HR administration, with access controlled by Workday Roles and Security Groups. The move allows HEPPS and OPUS to be decommissioned.

Customer service metrics now online

UW-IT’s customer service metrics are now online, showing key areas measured including timely response to a request, timely update on request progress and customer service satisfaction rankings. UW-IT uses data to measure its performance to deliver a positive customer experience, advocate for customer needs and support the UW’s mission.

Protecting the UW community

A Business Intelligence (BI) Portal report makes it easier for Hall Health to track student immunization records and better protect the UW community against measles, mumps and meningococcal disease.