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Last updated: February 7, 2023

UW Seattle campus building. Information Technology. 2022 UW-IT Year in Review.

Thank you to all who helped make this report

At UW-IT, we are proud to partner with academic and business units to enrich the student experience, support research, modernize business systems, improve IT infrastructure and enhance collaboration.

We help our students, faculty and staff leverage technology to advance teaching, learning, innovation and discovery at UW Bothell, UW Tacoma, on the Seattle campus or at other locations in Washington and across the globe. This report tells the stories of how we worked together during 2021 for the greater good. We invite you to read more.

Many thanks to the UW faculty, staff, students and UW-IT subject matter experts who contributed their expertise and stories to the 2021 report. They include:

  • Cara Ball, Compliance Analyst, UW Records Management Services
  • Barbara Benson, Director, UW Records Management Services
  • Rob Fatland, Director, Research Computing, UW-IT
  • Brad Greer, Asso­ciate Vice Pres­i­dent for IT Infrastructure and Chief Tech­nol­ogy Offi­ce, UW-IT
  • James Morris, Manager, ITI Workforce Strategy & Development, UW-IT
  • Nam Pho, Director, Cyberinfrastructure, UW-IT
  • Jim Phuong, Research Data Scientist, UW Medicine IT Services

Thank you to our UW-IT subject matter experts:

  • Melissa Albin, Information Security Analyst, CISO Cyber Intelligence
  • Laura Baldwin, Service Manager, AS Academic Experience Design & Delivery
  • Brad Beck, Director of Strategy & Engagement, IM Strategy & Engagement
  • Chuck Benson, Director, CISO IoT Risk Mitigation Strategy
  • Lynn Booth, Senior Network Engineer, ITI IT Infrastructure Services
  • Brian Boyd, Director, ITI IT Operations
  • Jack Brand, Assistant Director, AS Student Program
  • Sheryl Burgstahler, Director, AS Accessible Technology
  • Colleen Butler, Technology Project Manager, RCS Program Management Office
  • Amel Caldwell, Technology Manager, ITI IT Infrastructure Services
  • Matt Cruz, Technology Manager, ITI Workforce Strategy & Development
  • Adam Davis, Finance Director, Business, Finance & Facilities
  • Donna Gomez, Assistant Director, Business, Finance & Facilities
  • Dawn Hemminger, Technology Manager, IM Enterprise Data Integration
  • Brent Holterman, Director, IM Enterprise Administrative Applications
  • Michael Houlihan, Director, CSS Network & System Operations
  • Thomas Jacobs, Change Management Lead, IT Finance Technical
  • Tom Lewis, Director, AS Academic Experience Design & Delivery
  • Shane McCartney, Business Analyst, CSS Technology Service Center
  • Robert McDade, Director, IM Enterprise Data Integration
  • Matthew Mills, Network Engineer, ITI IT Infrastructure Services
  • Mary Mulvihill, Director, ITI Service Management Office
  • Maureen Noonan, Assistant Director, ITI Workforce Strategy & Development
  • Leetza Pegg, Business Analyst, ITI Workforce Strategy & Development
  • Bart Pietrzak, Director, IM Enterprise Reporting & Analytics
  • Noah Pitzer, Interim Director, ITI Regional Networks
  • Ammy J Phuwanartnurak, Business Analyst, AS Student Program
  • James Poland, Director, CISO Cyber Intelligence
  • Karin Roberts, Manager, AS Academic Experience Design & Delivery
  • Nick Rohde, Web and Content Developer, Communications
  • Bill Schaefer, Interim Director, Student Program
  • Patricia Shetley, Communications Specialist, IM Strategy & Engagement
  • Heidi Stahl, Web Information Specialist, AS Academic Experience Design & Delivery
  • William Stirling, Enterprise Service Desk Manager, CSS Technology Service Center
  • Mark Strand, Technology Manager, ITI IT Infrastructure Services
  • Terrill Thompson, Manager, AS Accessible Technology
  • Braden Vinroe, Director, CISO Cybersecurity Advising
  • Stephanie Wang, Business Analyst, AS Student Program
  • Jennifer Ward, Technology Manager, IM Enterprise Administrative Applications
  • Andy Ward, Director, RCS Technology Business Continuity
  • Felicia Watson, Director, CSS Communications Solutions & Relationship Management

Thank you to our reviewers:

  • Aaron Powell, Vice President for UW-IT and Chief Information Officer
  • Anja Canfield-Budde, Associate Vice President for Information Management, UW-IT
  • Bill Ferris, Director of Business, Finance & Facilities, UW-IT
  • Sherman Fox, Director of Organizational Development, UW-IT
  • Brad Greer, Asso­ciate Vice Pres­i­dent for IT Infrastructure and Chief Tech­nol­ogy Offi­ce, UW-IT
  • Erik Hofer, Associate Vice President for Academic Services and Deputy CIO, UW-IT
  • Damien Koemans, Assistant Vice President, Customer Service & Support
  • Susan Lawrence, Director of Human Resources, UW-IT
  • Erik Lundberg, Assistant Vice President for Research Computing & Strategy, UW-IT
  • Gail Rogers, Director, UW-IT Finance Technical
  • Rebekah Skiver Thompson, Associate Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer, UW-IT

The Year in Review report was produced by UW-IT Communications:

Elizabeth Sharpe, UW-IT Communications Director

Project manager: Ignacio Lobos
Web designer: Heidi Searing
Writers: Gretchen Konrady, Ignacio Lobos

Ignacio Lobos
Heidi Searing

Susan McCrary, Program Operations Specialist, UW-IT Communications