Research Highlights

Last updated: February 7, 2023

UW-IT provides researchers a wide array of tools to advance their research.

Students supercomputing

Students now have additional hardware for the UW’s supercomputer, Hyak, dedicated for their use through the UW Research Computing Club, thanks to Student Technology Fee funding.

Cloud training resources

A new cloud training page on IT Connect provides researchers and others a wealth of cloud computing training opportunities for Amazon Web Services, Azure and Google Cloud.

Supporting public cloud access

The UW, UC San Diego and UC Berkeley completed year one of CloudBank, a collaborative program to facilitate public cloud access for National Science Foundation-sponsored research and education, and provide resources in cost and resource management, technical training and cloud access in coursework.

New data science tool for Hyak

To meet the demand for data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence tools, a prototype for a graphics processing unit (GPU)-based supercomputing cluster was developed for Hyak, which will also accelerate computationally expensive calculations.

Hyak deemed essential

Because Hyak could speed up computationally demanding COVID-19-related research, the supercomputer was declared an essential research facility early in the pandemic to ensure critical research could continue without interruption.