FY 2021 budget

Last updated: February 7, 2023

UW-IT manages an annual budget of approximately $105 million to provide support to the University community through the IT service areas listed below. Like all University units, UW-IT took a slightly less than five percent budget reduction to our state allocation of general operating funds. UW-IT is committed to transparency and accountability to the UW community, and carefully ensures that limited resources are allocated to the highest priorities, with input from information technology governance boards and committees comprised of representatives from across the University.

UW Seattle campus building. Information Technology. 2022 UW-IT Year in Review.

UW-IT Expenses

Planned Spend by Service Category FY20 Budget
Administrative Systems $22,825,572
Ancillary Administrative Systems $688,920
Data Analytics $7,988,135
Document Management $2,842,965
Financial Systems $4,078,255
HR Payroll Systems $1,340,551
Student Systems $5,886,747
Collaboration $8,155,107
Productivity Suite $3,223,795
Software Licenses $4,931,312
Enterprise Risk Management $5,470,270
Accessibility Resources $1,316,878
Emergency Preparedness $765,909
Information Security and Privacy $3,387,483
IT Infrastructure $49,327,615
Application Developer Platform $716,104
Computing and Storage $13,898,164
Data Centers $ 3,465,013
Data Networks $19,436,034
Identity and Access Management $3,378,545
Infrastructure Tools $458,807
Regional Networks $3,777,621
Telecommunications $4,197,327
IT Management $15,068,762
Consulting $29,977
Customer Experience Management $2,329,388
Enterprise Architecture $69,818
UW-IT Administration $4,240,424
UW-IT Business and Finance $2,212,259
UW-IT Communications $918,566
UW-IT Facilities $662,536
UW-IT Human Resources $628,117
UW-IT Project Management $1,360,760
UW-IT Service Management $2,016,917
Research $453,888
Research Computing $453,888
Teaching and Learning $3,636,285
Instructional Apps $3,636,285
Total Expenses $104,937,499

UW-IT Funding by Source

Funding Sources FY21 Budget
State Appropriations, Tuition, and Indirect Cost Recovery $49,700,516
Self-Sustaining Operations $27,919,789
Technology Recharge Fee $22,528,763
Carryover Funds $5,988,431
Planned Fund Transfers (-$1,200,000)
Total Funds $ 104,937,499