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Create Repeating, Recurring, and Multi-Day Events

T2 editor documentation

What’s the difference between repeating, ongoing, and multi-day events? (Trumba help)

How do I set up a repeating event?

Please specify an end date (do not use “No End Date”) on a repeating event with registration. Read Trumba’s repeating events help

How do I change the recurrence pattern?

Trumba does not allow changes to the recurrence pattern on an existing event. If you own the event, you can copy it and then change the recurrence pattern on the new event.

To change the recurrence pattern on an event, follow these steps:

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  2. In the Trumba editor view, to the right of the original event, click the blue down arrow, and select Copy Event.

    Copy Event, focus on blue down arrow

  3. Change the recurrence pattern in the event copy.
  4. Cancel all occurrences of the original event.
Last reviewed March 27, 2020