Term and Data Definitions (Knowledge Navigator)

Last updated: February 14, 2023

Knowledge Navigator is your guide to UW data and information. It is designed to give context to the enterprise data you use for decision-making.

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Knowledge Navigator

What is Knowledge Navigator?

Answering questions with data is not always easy, but Knowledge Navigator makes it a little easier! Knowledge Navigator is a web-based application that allows UW enterprise data users like you to begin exploring business terms from our UW data domains: Academic, Advancement & Alumni Relations, Finance, Human Resources, Property & Space Management, Research, and Core Data. Knowledge Navigator displays how these business terms are referenced by reports, or how they are related to structured data objects like tables/columns, web services, or cubes. 

Where do business term definitions come from?

The business term definitions seen in Knowledge Navigator can be trusted as they have gone through an approval process supported by UW Data Governance. Subject matter experts from the data domains meet to discuss and vet term definitions, and provide additional notes, rules, and examples. Once the contributors reach agreement, data stewards review and approve the information, and it is published in Knowledge Navigator and is now considered an Institutional Definition.

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Do you have a feature request? Would you like to request a demo of Knowledge Navigator for your department? Do you have feedback on how to improve a term or data definition?

To connect with the Knowledge Navigator team, simply email our metadata manager via help@uw.edu.

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