Data Dashboards (Tableau)

Last updated: December 8, 2023

Tableau Software offers a powerful suite of tools for creating data dashboards. There are many options for accessing and using Tableau Software at the University of Washington.

Whether you have a Tableau development license or not, the UW Tableau Service can help you analyze UW data:

For Everyone

You don’t need to have a Tableau license or be a developer to begin using Tableau to analyze UW data. Our team partners with organizations across campus to build institutional dashboards using Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) data and Tableau Software that provide trusted answers to the most common questions about UW.

Institutional Dashboards:

No development required. With access to EDW data you can begin using Tableau to explore UW Profiles and BI Portal dashboards today!


Visit UW Profiles

UW Profiles is a catalog of vetted and tested institutional dashboards that help you answer the most common questions about UW.


Visit BI Portal

BI Portal brings you many of the same dashboards available on UW Profiles, plus many more for specific departmental audiences. Choose Dashboards from the Type drop down.

With your UW Netid you can explore the BI Portal and UW Profiles catalogs, but to interact with a data dashboard, you’ll need permission.

Request Access

For Developers

If you are responsible for building data tools like reports and dashboards, you’re going to love working with Tableau. Explore the information below to learn how to get a license, set up your project folder, manage permissions, and join the Tableau User Group community of UW Tableau users.

Tableau Desktop Licensing

UW-IT’s Tableau Desktop Licensing service enables faculty, staff, and students to purchase Tableau Desktop licenses at a reduced cost so that they can begin building and publishing amazing data dashboards.

To learn more about the price of a license and to request your own license, click here:

Tableau Desktop Licensing

Tableau Server Publishing

After building a great dashboard, you’ll want to share it with your colleagues. UW-IT’s data dashboard publishing service enables Tableau Desktop users to publish their data dashboards on the web so that they can share their analysis in a secure, stable, and easy-to-use environment.

To learn more about publishing to the Tableau Server, setting up projects, and managing permissions, click here:

Tableau Server Publishing

Join the Community!

Take part in the UW Tableau User Group to share your work, ask questions, learn about the latest Tableau features, and meet new colleagues across UW.

Tableau User Group

Learn More!

Whether you’re a seasoned Tableau developer or you’re just getting started, please explore this catalog of Tableau help resources. Access is restricted to Tableau User Group members. Scroll up to learn how to join the community!

Tableau Help Resources