Swagger: Interactive API Documentation

Last updated: May 9, 2022

Swagger is an industry standard tool for documenting the functionality of an API. Each Swagger document describes all the operations the API can perform and the data models it expects to return or provide

Please read before proceeding:

  • If you have not already been authorized you may still view the Swagger documents.
  • If prompted for a security certificate hit ‘cancel’ in your browser.
  • If you chose a certificate and receive a 403 or 401 then close all browser windows and return to Swagger being sure to hit ‘cancel’ when prompted for a security certificate
  • Try it now functionality is limited to authorized systems and users. But everyone may view the Swagger schema for resource and data availability.

Student Web Service

HRP Web Service

Person Web Service

ID Card Web Service

Financial Web Service

Space Web Service

Core Data Web Service