Using Tableau Customer Portal to retrieve current Tableau Desktop key details

Last updated: January 11, 2023
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Tableau delivers product keys through the customer portal. The portal is also your best resource for managing license keys, portal access, technical support, cases, downloading the latest version of tableau and accessing quick resource links.


Sign in To Customer Portal:

At select “Sign in” in the top right corner, then select the “Log in to Customer Portal” button. The login is the UW email address used when assigning the license.

The Customer Portal account is created when license is assigned, and is maintained by Tableau, not UW-IT. If you forgot your password setting and resetting your password is handled through Tableau directly. 


My Keys:

This is where you will find a comprehensive list of all the product keys associated with your portal. My keys details the license keys in your portal as well as user details associated with each key. 


As of 2020 renewal period, Tableau has instituted policies that cause some Tableau Desktop and Tableau Creator keys to change annually.  Accessing the Tableau customer portal allows Tableau license holders to directly retrieve the current value of the license key.


On the My Keys page, under All Keys Report you can view the username and assignment email address intended for each license. The registered email will auto-populate as the license key is activated and indicates the actual user. Both these fields should match. To assign a desktop license, first click on the name of the specific license key. You will be taken to the Key Details Page where you can edit and assign the key or change the owner of the key. On the Key Details page you can check under customer information whether or not the key has been assigned to someone. 


Tableau desktop licenses are completely transferable.  To transfer licenses, please email attention CSRM team. 


My Cases: 

This is where you can manage, update, and reopen technical support cases. My cases tab is where we track and monitor progress on open support cases, escalade cases, add notes or upload new files you want to attach to an existing case. You can create cases through the portal but we encourage customers to submit through our online web form instead. This form is localized and takes out the first few steps of the support process allowing for a smoother and more time efficient experience. Go to, click support, and submit a case.


My Invoices:

This is where you can locate financial invoices.  Most licenses are invoiced through UW-IT, and will not have individual invoices available in the portal.


My Account:

Is a snapshot of all the information in your portal. In this section you can add administrators or add/remove portal users at any time.

Additional information:

Tableau has provided much of this information in their video, available at
Customer Portal Overview