Getting Started with Enterprise Data

Last updated: August 11, 2022

If you are new to enterprise data, the EDW, or reporting and analytics, you might need help getting started. Below we have put together some resources to help guide you.

Enterprise Data Warehouse FAQs

  • What is the EDW and what data is available? The EDW is a set of secure databases that are accessible across UW. EDW data is used by nearly every major UW system, school, and college.
  • When does EDW data load? To find out, check out the data loading summary.
  • How do I connect and query EDW data? View our tips on how to connect to and query EDW data using a variety of tools.
  • Where can I learn about the meaning of the data in a specific table or column? Knowledge Navigator is your guide to understanding UW data and information. Browse data definitions for a specific database, or search for the meaning of a specific column of data.

Reporting and Analytics FAQs:

  • How do the BI Portal and EDW work together? The BI Portal is the user-friendly portal for accessing reports and visualizations that display EDW data. If you have questions, check out our Reporting and Analytics FAQ.
  • Where do I run reports? The BI Portal’s Catalog tab is a great place to start. You can search or filter for a specific report. In the BI Portal, you will also find helpful contextual information about reports.
  • What data does my security role give me access to? To find out, select a report, then click the “Security Information” tab to see which roles have full, partial, or no access to the data in the report.
  • There are so many reports! How do I know which report helps answer my question? Knowledge Navigator is your guide to understanding UW data and information. Find information across subject areas, databases, glossaries, business intelligence (BI) tools, and diagrams. Connect from Knowledge Navigator to the exact report in BI Portal that contains that data and information you need.

Additional Resources:

  • Where can I find more information on how to use EDW? Visit the EDW section of our website for more information.
  • Are there any UW Community of Practice groups I can join for support?
    • To reach current and new users of enterprise data tools, we organize the Reporting and Analytics Webinar Series. These webinars are ideal for anyone who is new to UW or doesn’t know where to start with working with data.
    • We organize the UW Tableau User Group. Although this group meets to discuss Tableau related topics, it also serves as a way to network with EDW data users and ask questions about EDW specific topics. This group is designed more for Tableau developers.

If you have any questions, please send them to and include ‘EDW’ in the subject line.