IT Sourcing Guide

Last updated: January 23, 2024

So you wanna buy some IT stuff…

A practical “How-To” guide for UW organizations on IT Sourcing


Before starting the approval process, gather materials that you already have. Review and reflect on how you would explain your goals to as broad an audience as possible. Part of this guide is a one-page worksheet to help with this process.

If you:

  • Prefer to work directly with someone in UW-IT, or
  • Have started the worksheet but would like assistance,


With “IT Sourcing” in the subject line and ask for “IT Vendor Risk Management” in the message body.

IT Sourcing Guide

This guide relies on plain-language explanations, templates and examples. The approach is intended to empower you to understand this heart of the process and use your understanding to give solid and straightforward answers to questions that approvers, auditors, and other stakeholders may ask about your planned IT investment.

You can access the entire guide as a Word document or download the sections as pdfs below.

Additionally, you can contact and ask for additional advisory services and/or training from IT Vendor Risk Management.