Enterprise Architecture

Last updated: December 19, 2023

Planning for the future of an organization is like urban planning. City dwellers tend to want tolerable traffic, plenty of clean, safe parks, and manageable growth. Getting there requires planning that’s comprehensive, well-understood and well-coordinated among all stakeholders. EA calls for a similar holistic approach toward the optimal future state.

Enterprise Architecture (EA) at UW

Enterprise Architecture’s focus is on the UW’s broad, long-term interestsAt the direction of the VP for UW-IT and CIO of UW, EA helps stakeholders maximize the architectural value of their services, solutions, data, processes, or organizations on behalf of the UW in an environment of constant change.


Architectural Value

Delivering value to our customers


EA Charge

Reasons for engaging with EA


Change Lifecycle

How to put changes in context

Engaging with Enterprise Architecture



Information about upcoming and previous events


Communities of Practice

Embedded Architects CoP, Business Analysis CoP, Itana (National)



Prepare for change initiatives, process transformation and systems replacements

Getting Started with Enterprise Architecture


Set a Strategy

Align on drivers and outcomes


Define a Service

Plan how to provide long-term value to customers


Plan a Project

Put your project in enterprise context


Design a Solution

Align solutions to the future state and roadmaps

EA Resources


EA Principles

Guide decision-making for architectural value


Reference Architectures

Documents that guide decision-making



Your toolbox for architectural analysis

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