IT Project Oversight

Last updated: August 16, 2022

As a part of the IT Investment Planning, Assessment and Approval, the level of approval, oversight and reporting will be determined. Projects with sufficient scope, complexity or cost need additional project reporting and oversight, which may include a quarterly status report and regular check-ins shared with IT governance boards. These requirements are intended to help support the success of investment projects, by sharing progress in goals for budget, schedule, scope, and resourcing, so that these IT governance boards can provide guidance and assistance to help resolve any issues or blockers.

For major projects that meet the criteria for reporting and oversight, you’ll partner with IT sourcing experts inUW-IT for the duration of the project through the IT Project Oversight service. The service provides guidance and assistance with project reporting that is appropriate for the risk and complexity of the project, including regular project status reports and project quality assurance review.

What to expect

  • The project manager will be asked to complete a quarterly report, for inclusion in the UW Enterprise IT Projects dashboard. This report will describe the project’s health for budget, schedule, scope, resourcing and issues.
  • If there are significant issues or blockers for the project, you’ll work with your project sponsor to resolve them, and you may also get guidance from UW’s IT governance boards.
  • Very large projects will also submit status reports to the Washington states project dashboard and receive input from key stakeholders from Washington state’s Office of the CIO.