Change Lifecycle

Last updated: September 24, 2019

Change is a constant reality of our work.  We’ve all seen attempted changes that fall short of their goals.  The broader a change impacts people, processes, and/or technologies;  the more planning and coordination it takes. Successful change efforts involve a range of skills and disciplines to clearly define and execute the change. As the EA team, applying practices from multiple change disciplines helps us scope the right effort for each engagement..

Change is Interdisciplinary

We believe that the most successful change initiatives make use of best practices from multiple change disciplines, which enable different aspects of a change. Change disciplines we see applied most often at the UW include:

  • Agile development
  • Business analysis
  • Design thinking
  • DevOps practices
  • IT Service management
  • Organizational change management
  • Process improvement
  • Project and program management

The EA team encourages the use of relevant best practices from all these disciplines. As part of a team, an architect should be able to help the team plan how each discipline can contribute.

Change Disciplines and Resources

Here are a few starting points for learning more about the many disciplines that exist to help change initiatives succeed:

Agile Development

Business Analysis

Design Thinking

DevOps Practices

IT Service Management

Organizational Change Management

Process Improvement

Project and Program Management