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Data Cubes

A data cube is an analysis tool that allows you to quickly and easily analyze lots of data. There’s no need to query or manipulate the data. Simply choose the data you want to display and begin getting new insights in seconds. Unlike a report that displays data across 2 dimensions, a cube is a powerful data analysis tool that allows users to slice and dice data across multiple dimensions.

You can explore the catalog of data cubes on the BI Portal.

BI Portal: Cubes

Getting Started:

To get started, you need to connect to a cube using a data analysis tool like Microsoft Excel or Tableau.

View this PDF guide for a quick reference!

If you can’t connect using these instructions, we have more detailed steps in our FAQ

Troubleshoot Cube Connections

How To Resources:

For a video tutorial on how to connect to and use the data cubes, check out the resources below! These resources require EDW access to view.

Financial Activity Cube

UW Admissions Cube

UW Spend Cube

Data Definitions:

If you’re unsure about the meaning of a particular field in the cube you can explore data definitions in Knowledge Navigator:

Data Definitions: Financial Activity Cube

Data Definitions: ResearchAdminData

Data Definitions: UW Admissions Cube

Data Definitions: UW Spend Cube


For more on how to connect to cubes see our help page.

Cube FAQ

Last reviewed October 11, 2021