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Request Access to Reports, Analytics, and Data

You need permission to access reports and visualizations on the BI Portal, UW Profiles, or to directly query our Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW).

Our unit manages data permissions using two UW standards: roles and ASTRA. Roles were designed and sanctioned by the Data Management Committee (DMC) on behalf of the UW’s Data Custodians and implemented by the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW). ASTRA is an access management service managed by the Identity and Access Management (IAM) group in UW-IT.

Follow these steps to get or update your permissions so you can begin exploring and understanding UW enterprise data.

Request Access From your Unit Authorizer:

The following roles only require a designated person in your unit (your “unit authorizer”) to give you permission (to understand what data these roles provide access to, refer to the Security and Access Roles Matrix):

  • Administrator/Manager/Fiscal Tech
  • Administrative Analyst
  • Payroll Coordinator
  • Advisor/Academic Staff
  • Faculty/Principal Investigator

If you know your department’s ASTRA “unit authorizer” you can reach out to them to request that they grant you the appropriate EDW access role. However, if you don’t know your unit authorizer, use the Find My Authorizer tool to find a potential authorizer.

Click to Complete the Process:

Find My Authorizer Tool

Staff and Faculty Access Request:

More sensitive data requires data custodian approval. The approval process is managed centrally via the Data Management Committee. As Staff or Faculty, if you choose one of the more secure roles, please fill out the form below, based on your situation:

System or Application Access Request:

Requests for system or application direct access to the EDW requires that the system owner obtain a UW Application NetID Account, as documented in DMC Guideline 1017.

For further instructions and to submit a System or Application Access Request, go to:

Request Form – System or Application


We want to make this process as simple and stress-free as possible. If you have any questions, please write us at and put “EDW Access” in the subject line.

Last reviewed December 2, 2020