EDW Test Environment Status

Last updated: October 20, 2022
Audience: StaffResearchersIT Staff / TechnicalDecision Makers

The data availability table below shows the most recent load times for the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) TEST environment as a courtesy for partners working with the EDW on unreleased features and changes. For load status of the EDW PRODUCTION environment, see Help: Enterprise Data Warehouse.

The table is organized by Subject Area and Data Component. The Load Freq column should not be relied upon, as the TEST environment is loaded on an ad hoc basis. If you need further help understanding the EDW TEST environment, please contact edw-help@uw.edu.

EDW Data Availability

Subject Area Data Component Load Freq Last Loaded
Academics Academic Data Store Daily: Sun-Fri 11/25/22 8:11AM
Core Data Funding Entity Core Data Management (FECDM) Daily: Mon-Fri 07/07/22 2:19PM
Geopolitical Entities, Names, and Codes (GENC) Weekly: Sunday 04/04/22 5:01PM
Financial Budget Index Daily: Mon-Sat 09/16/22 2:15PM
GL transactions Daily: Mon-Fri 01/04/22 9:50AM
Financial transactions Daily: Mon-Fri 01/04/22 10:17AM
UWODS financial data Daily: Mon-Sat Loading...
WDFinDataMart financial data Daily: Mon-Sat 11/22/22 2:57PM
Human Resources - Legacy HEPPS Person, Employment, Financial (Projected Distributions) frozen as of 2017 10/16/17 2:06PM
Payment (Actual Distributions), Benefits, Faculty Bio frozen as of 2017 10/16/17 2:06PM
Check Register (Payment Verification) frozen as of 2017 06/20/17 12:35AM
Human Resources - Workday Daily load from Workday into HumanResources Daily: Sat-Thu 08/31/22 11:55AM
UWODS HR Data Daily: Sun-Fri 11/21/22 10:45AM
Daily load from Workday into IBS Daily: Sat-Thu 08/31/22 11:54AM
Daily load from Workday into ODS Daily: Sat-Thu 08/31/22 1:54PM
Paycalc load from Workday into HumanResources Twice monthly 08/18/22 5:03PM
Paycalc load from Workday into ODS Twice monthly 08/18/22 5:03PM
Institutional Base Salary IBS Projected/Pre-Award Daily: Mon-Sat 02/11/22 12:16PM
IBS UW Actual & Projected frozen as of 2017 06/20/17 5:11AM
IBS Actual monthly (day 5) 08/23/21 2:46PM
Master Data Organization Daily: Mon-Sat 09/16/22 2:15PM
Research Proposal, Award, and Expenditure data Daily: Sun-Sat 09/16/22 2:12PM